[Courses] Perl course part 1

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Mar 14 15:18:35 EST 2003

Hello Perl Course Teacher and Fellow Students,

I have done my part 1 coursework just in time for part 2, and I'm very
excited about moving forward.  I have a perl script that prints, not
merely Hello World, but "Hello world from my badass self!" - a much
superior phrasing, as you will all agree.  I won't post it unless asked,
I'm sure everyone else has one just like it.

However I couldn't find what P E R L stood for on the man pages -  There
are a LOT of man pages... however I found, in perlfaq1:

"never write 'PERL', because perl isn't really an acronym, apocryphal
folklore and post-facto expansions notwithstanding."

So i cheated & googled it.  the post-facto expansion i found was,
Practical Expression and Reporting Language.  anyone find something

Teacher, I ran into discussions of CPAN which appears to be something
like rpm's, only for just perl... will you discuss CPAN at some point
where appropriate?


PS - I haven't taken a course on this list before (and haven't checked
the archives, Bad Me!) so am not sure if it's Entirely Appropriate to
post this message, but what the hell!

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