[Courses] [FS] Absence

Sue Stones suzo at bigpond.net.au
Tue Aug 5 13:52:28 EST 2003

Well I hope that you have a good holiday.  I understand that things just 
happen, and you end up not having the time to do the things that you plan.  
And not getting arround to things like telling us that you are going.

As I am feeling similarly pressured and have not had time to work through the 
last lesson, it actually suits me to have a few weeks to catch up!  

I hope that you will have great tales of holiday living when you return.  I am 
willing to bet that you don't  miss the internet after the first few days.


On Mon, 4 Aug 2003 09:14 pm, Meredydd wrote:
> Hey all,
> 	I'm sorry to spring this on everyone like this, but I'm off to Austria
> for the next four weeks, starting at the crack of dawn tomorrow
> morning. For that time, I will have no Internet connectivity whatsoever
> (*gasp*). The UNIX Filesystem course will be put on hold until I come
> back (at which point I'll release Lesson 3 immediately) - sorry about
> that, especially considering that I didn't warn you. The idea was that
> I would have a couple of lessons in my buffer, and get someone else to
> roll them out over the summer, but a lot of other things happened. Oh,
> well, c'est la vie. By the time I get back, I should have one hell of a
> buffer! Programming moderation is being done almost singlehandedly by
> Hamster anyway, so I doubt you'll miss me there, and the IRC channel
> will probably be well shot of me, but I thought I'd wave goodbye here
> anyway :^)
> See you on the flipside!
> Meredydd
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