[Courses] [C] Beginner's Lesson: Visual Teaching Aid

KWMelvin kwmelvin at intrex.net
Mon Oct 21 09:34:16 EST 2002


I have uploaded a tarball of a visual teaching aid that shows
different sequence-selection-repetition structures as .png files.

Different people learn in different ways, so this is for those of
us who like to see a drawing.  The idea for this came from Deitel
and Deitel's _C How To Program 2E_.

There are now three Beginner's [C] Lesson files up on my site.  
Use wget to grab them:

  wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/C_1-5.tgz
  wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/C_6.tgz
  wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/c-flow.tgz

Here are the md5sums for the files:
  b2bf1c37f91a6f00122c907bb3b5f400 *C_1-5.tgz
  ad2e1565783bf602b8181104af051985 *C_6.tgz
  3b23d936a571636844094d3ee769c439 *c-flow.tgz
I leave on my trip tomorrow morning, and will be gone for a week.
Happy Programming!

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