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Programming is not all about being clever with the language.
Here are a couple of articles that are programming related that
are sure to be interesting to beginning programmers as well as
for more experienced ones.

Coding and Security

The Law of Leaky abstractions

Job interview questions:
How can you detect a cycle in a linked list?
What are the different C increment statements for?
How is a library call different from a system call?
How is a file descriptor different from a file pointer?
Program each of the following problems:
  [1] Read a string and output all combinations of its characters.
  [2] The "8-queens" problem (print all the chess configurations where
      eight queens can be placed on a board without attacking each other.
  [3] Given N, list all the prime numbers up to N.
  [4] Write a function to multiply two arbitrary-sized matrices together.
  [ in each of the following programming languages: ]
    [a] C
    [b] APL
    [c] Lisp
    [d] Fortran
Write some code to determine if a variable is signed or not.
What is the time complexity of printing the values in a binary tree?
Give me a string at random from this file.

>From the book _Expert C Programming_ by Peter van der Linden.

Happy Programming!

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