[Courses] [C] Current topic: variables in C.

Val Henson val at nmt.edu
Sat Jun 8 23:36:14 EST 2002

>                 do, how to use them. Post your current understanding of
>                 types (int, char, unsigned and signed, long and short -
>                 all types).

Hm!  I could write a bit about exciting type fun and why you should
care what type a variable is and how this affects kernel code...

Oo, here's a good question:

"Why does C have this nasty int, char, long stuff?  Why didn't they
just say 8_bit_type and 16_bit_type instead of all these complicated
rules about int being at least 2 bytes but less than or equal to long,
etc., etc., etc.?"

If anyone is interested, pipe up.

And hello, by the way. :) I just joined the list.


P.S. All my posts to courses are OPL'd, 'cause Mary's such a cool
person.  Quote away!

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