[Courses] [C] Beginner's Lesson: Floating Point

kwmelvin kwmelvin at intrex.net
Sat Dec 21 00:12:05 EST 2002


Use wget to grab Lesson 15 from my site:

  wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/C_15.tgz

Included in this tarball is a file with links to some
floating point tutorials and related web pages, so be
sure to check them out.  I'm not really sure how good
the lesson is: there is only one sample program, and
only one exercise. I really didn't follow it that well.
All I know is that errors can occur with floating point,
so at least I'm aware of that. I'm not really interested
in working the exercise, so if someone wants to try and
do it, fine. 

Happy Programming!

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