[Courses] chapter two: Running A Business- where do I get customers

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Mon Aug 19 11:40:22 EST 2002

--- Carla Schroder <carla at bratgrrl.com> wrote:  
> When someone asks what you do, have a 30-second well-rehearsed
> answer. And for gosh sakes, have a little confidence! If you don't 
> think you are good, no one else will. 

Heehee...this reminds me of the company story we have at my place of
employment. We have a simple answer to the common questions about our
business. I laughed at first, but having a simple answer ready when
someone asks really helps. 

I'm glad Carla brought this up in the context of being in business
for yourself. As a bonus, I think a simple answer to "what do you
do?" will help focus your business, too.

In addition to having that well-rehearsed answer ready, I'd add:
always carry business cards with you. Since I'm not officially in
business for myself, I've been known to carry cards with my name,
phone number, email address, and a simple title of what I do
("technical writer" or similar).

In a subsequent post, Carla suggested professional support in the
form of a Certified Public Account (CPA) and lawyer. Yes. Yes. Yes!
My girlfriend is a CPA and in addition to tax preparation assitance,
she helps her clients out with lots of informal networking. She has
developed relationships with financial advisors, insurance agents,
small business owners, payroll services, etc -- all of whom provide
mutual references. 

As someone just starting out with your own business, a good
relationship with your CPA can increase your client list. The same
probably holds true with your lawyer, too.


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