[Courses] Re: Big attachment

Suzi Anvin suzi at anvin.org
Fri Aug 16 12:49:30 EST 2002

While I *personally* am in favor of this, on the courses list especially 
it could be problematic for many.  I have easy and quick access to a web 
server and can just pop up an assignment online for folks to 
view/critique/comment on/etc.  I'm betting many others do not have this 
luxury, and they need a way to show others their code.

Sharat Gajulapalli wrote:
> On 15/08/02 21:18 +0200, Christina Zeeh wrote:
>>since we probably don't want large attachments (we have lots of people on 
>>modem lines and/or with small mailbox sizes), could our admins set a 
>>message size limit in mailman?
> I guess stripping off all attatchments would be a better option rather than setting a size limit.
> Just a thought.

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