[Courses] [security] Crypto Scientists Crack Prime Problem

Sujita Purushothaman sujita at mimos.my
Wed Aug 14 11:07:01 EST 2002

Cynthia Grossen wrote:

> > 2. have you heard about the 'Expert Encryption System' ? Some info is
> > here : http://www.chantilley.com/html/news3.htm Is it any good?
>         I hadn't run across it before, I don't think.  I'd have to see
> details on how it actually works before I could offer an opinion as to
> whether it's likely to be any good.  The ITU citing is a good thing, but
> so much of good crypto is in the implementation.  I'd have to see
> details.
> ----------------------
> I haven't ever heard of it before either, but after reading the press
> release snake oil comes to mind.

that was what I suspected too. That's why I asked.

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