[Courses] [security] Crypto Scientists Crack Prime Problem

Sujita Purushothaman sujita at mimos.my
Tue Aug 13 16:42:12 EST 2002

Raven Alder wrote:

> Heya. all --
>         Sorry for the unintentional but long hiatus.  My job ate me.  So
> I quit it, and became a consultant.  Heh.  I should be around more now.


Life's too short for time-devouring jobs. :-)

>         Comments and discussion welcome -- please let me know if this
> made any sense or not.  I thought y'all would appreciate some insight
> into crypto news.

Understood 90% of it. Anyway... I have a few questions.

1. How is 'signing' different from 'encrypting' ? Is it one and the same?
2. have you heard about the 'Expert Encryption System' ? Some info is here
http://www.chantilley.com/html/news3.htm Is it any good?


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