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Sneha sneha at vit.ac.in
Sat Aug 3 15:56:00 EST 2002

Hi all :)
    First of all I like to thank sue for the website(www.python.org), in which the tutorial section was too good...
    I like to share few knowledge I earned through this tutorial...
Have ur own startup message in python:

1) create a file with extention .py (eg: start.py)
        start.py: (contents)
        print "Welcome to Python Zone"
2) Give the following in ur unix shell prompt
        $ export PYTHONSTARTUP=start.py
        $ python
u get ur own startup message....
3) To remove the startup message...give the following...
        $ export PYTHONSTARTUP=
        $ python
??? is it possible to clear the screen within python...
happy day
sneha :o)
Live to Learn...Learn to Earn

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