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Sue Stones suzo at bigpond.net.au
Thu Aug 1 21:25:10 EST 2002

Yeah, we can do that if you like.  It great to do things that people find 


On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 20:56, Anand R wrote:
> Hi Team,
> 		Some stuff, you may find useful. I am no geek in this. But
> wanted to share it with all you guys.
> Sue: I was really excited to see this and wanted to share it with the
> group. Would you be covering socket programming too as part of this
> course?? Wow, Sockets in python would be real cool, I guess :-)
> Thanks,
> Andy
> Medusa is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance
> network servers in Python.
> Medusa is in use now in several mission-critical applications, ranging from
> custom web servers at extremely high-traffic sites to distributed data
> processing systems.
> It is an elegant and efficient solution to a difficult programming problem.
> Medusa's core async-socket library is very stable; it has been in use
> virtually unchanged since 1995. [It's also part of the Python Library as of
> Python-1.5.2, see asyncore.py and asynchat.py]
> http://www.nightmare.com/medusa/
> A HOWTO for socket programming in Python
> http://www.nightmare.com/pythonwin/async_sockets.html
> Some real cool stuff you can do with Medusa is available here
> http://www.nightmare.com/medusa/programming.html
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