[Announce] [Linuxchix-announce] IMPORTANT: Mailing List Change

Terry tech at futurecourse.com
Thu Aug 20 02:49:45 UTC 2015

This is an all-LinuxChix announcement. This mail will be sent to every public
LinuxChix list.

All-LinuxChix announcements are only made about major changes to or problems
with LinuxChix.
Recently, LinuxChix system administrators became aware of an issue
affecting our members and the mailing lists - DMARC adoption by several
major mail providers resulted in bounces to over 65% of our members  and
disabling of their list subscriptions. We have re-enabled the affected
members’ subscriptions but now must put in place a permanent solution.

In the next two days, LinuxChix will make configuration changes to all
of its mailing lists to resolve the issue and ensure that our mailing
lists continue to function for all members.

Please see http://www.linuxchix.org/mailing-list-changes.html for full
details.  The FAQ section answers a number of questions members may have
about their particular list subscription address.

Testing has been done using the new configuration with a variety of
MUAs. For most members, there should be no significant changes.

What you may see:

1.  In your MUA, some list messages may display the From: header as
“Jane Doe via Listname <listname at linuxchix.org>" instead of "Jane Doe
<jane.doe at example.com>".  This only occurs for messages to a list *from*
a sender with an address whose domain has a DMARC policy of “reject” or
“quarantine”.  The largest segment of our membership affected - those
with Yahoo addresses.

2. A Reply-To: header will be added to this message containing the
member’s address.  If a custom Reply-To: header is already present, the
sender’s address will be appended.

All other senders’ messages will *not* have the From: header munged nor
have the sender’s address appended to any custom Reply-To: header.  In
other words, they’ll display as they do now.

If you have an AOL or Compuserve address, please see

We’ve tested reply behavior in several MUAs using the Reply, Reply all
and Reply to list options  and found that MUA behavior, with the
exception of Mutt, was the same as with the current list configuration.
Mutt required some changes to .muttrc.  We’ve documented the .muttrc
changes in the Member DMARC FAQ section.

Please note: If someone has set a custom Reply-To: header *and* posts
with an address using a domain that has a DMARC policy of "reject" or
"quarantine", the Reply-To: header will be appended with the posting
address.  In this case, a reply will be directed to both addresses.
Please be aware of this.

We didn’t test every MUA.  If you find an issue with your particular
MUA, please let us know by posting a message to Techtalk with the
following information:  what the issue is, whether you found a fix for
it and if so, what the fix was so we can add this to our FAQ.

We’re not happy about having to make these changes, but we’re stuck
between the proverbial “rock and hard place”.

LinuxChix Coordinators and System Administrators

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