[Announce] An opportunity to get more older adults into open source

Jen D davidson.jennif at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 16:05:11 UTC 2014

Hello LinuxChix,

I'm working on a Portland-based workshop as part of a research study to
teach folks who are 50 years and older how to contribute to FOSS. Do you
know of any people 50 years and older with software technical experience
(documentation, QA, management, coding, graphic design, etc.) who want to
learn how to contribute to FOSS for the first time? Co-workers? Parents?
Send them my way!

*Workshop Dates (both will be at the Mozilla office in downtown Portland):*
- Main workshop (must attend in-person): Saturday April 26th - 9am-3pm
- Follow-up meeting (can be attended virtually if need be): Saturday May
10th - 9am - 11am

Below is the full recruitment email (and can be accessed here:


Researchers at Oregon State University are conducting research to learn how
to enable older adults to contribute to free/open source software. We are
interested in investigating how to increase age diversity in these

We're looking for individuals who (individuals will be excluded from the
study if they do not meet these criteria):

* Are 50 years old or above,
* Have technical expertise related to software development.
* Are fluent in English
* Have never contributed to free/open source software
* Have an interest in contributing to free/open source software

Participation in this research study involves:

* Attendance to a workshop in the Portland area where we will help you
learn how to contribute to free/open source software.
* 2 weeks contributing to an open source software project, on your own time.
* Attendance to a follow-up meeting in the Portland area to share
experiences with other workshop attendees
* Food and beverage during the workshop and follow-up meeting
* Reimbursement for parking or transit passes for the workshop and
follow-up meeting
* Aiding researchers in learning how to refine a curriculum to help others
contribute to free/open source software in the future

The study title is Involving Older Adults in the Design and Development of
Free/Open Source Software - Part 2. The principle investigator is Dr.
Carlos Jensen.

If you would like to participate in the study, please read through the
eligibility document and the consent document [1]. Please email us at
davidsje at onid.orst.edu to set up a time to go over the consent document,
determine eligibility, and to give you the pre-workshop questionnaire.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating, please
forward this email along, and CC davidsje at onid.orst.edu.

Thank you,

Jennifer Davidson
davidsje at onid.orst.edu
Cell: 858-472-4860

Carlos Jensen
cjensen at eecs.oregonstate.edu

[1] people.oregonstate.edu/~davidsje/researchForms/groupD/

Jennifer Davidson
Human-Computer Interaction PhD Candidate, Oregon State University
Program Manager @ChickTechOrg
Community Manager @Privly

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