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The west coast She's Geeky is coming up on January 30-31 in
Mountain View, CA.

There's a 10% discount code for LinuxChix, plus other discounts and
scholarships for students and the unemployed.

I went last year and it was really great -- full of energy
and information and camaraderie, and also a great place to
practice speaking if you have any inclinations in that direction.


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Hi Akkana,
I wanted to send you this document about media sponsorship - we are  
already aligned but we wrote it up and I thought I would send it along.

We have a new (slightly adjusted blog badge)

We also have a 10% discount for LinuxChix - Discount Code is "LinuxChix"
Just so you know we are proactively seeking money scholarships for women 
who are unemployed/underemployed and students.

Here is the invitation

We invite you to:
She's Geeky
A Women's Technology Conference

January 30-31, 2009
Mountain View, California

She's Geeky is an "unconference" for enthusiastic women in technical  
fields. We  bring together women that don't often have an opportunity to 
meet other women that share their professional interests and passion for 
geeky things. (For a 3 minute peek women from the first She's Geeky see 

Rather than establish another women-in-technology organization, our  
mission is to work with and promote existing organizations. We work  
through existing networks and professional groups like The Anita Borg  
Institute, Women Who Tech, DevChix, Digital Sista's, and Gaming Angels.

She's Geeky creates a face-to-face forum to:
1. Connect women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding,  
hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical or "geeky" field.
2. Connect the generations of women working in or interested in  
technology, from those in middle school to the pioneers of the industry who 
may be elders in their 70's.
3. Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting women in technical 
4. Support the exchange of skills and learning among women in different 
technical fields.

The sessions are put forward by the women who attend the event - and are 
diverse.  They include expert topics about their particular expertise, 
hosting conversations about issues of interest both technical and personal 
(like how to balance work and family), exploring start-up ideas, 
introductions or deep dives to different programming languages or 
frameworks, sharing stories about what it was like to work in the early 
days of the industry, introduction to public speaking.  You can see a list 
of topics here [[link]] from our last event.

The unconference format is unique. Kaliya Hamlin, IdentityWoman.net,  
founder of She's Geeky and the facilitator for this event, has designed and 
facilitated over 60 "unconferences" and will guide the whole group through 
the process. Beginning at 9 AM each day, we start with a blank wall and, in 
less than an hour, through a highly participative process, create a full 
day, multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and inspiring to 
everyone there.

When you come to She’s Geeky, you benefit from the opportunity to:
1. Build relationships and even partnerships across disciplines.
2. Learn something new from other geeky women.
3. Find answers to the questions that matter to you.
4. Consider business issues related to the technology industry.
5. Be exposed to new ideas for making and keeping technology relevant.

Women who attended the event were very inspired as you can see by their 
comments here. Inspiration and community are not the only advantages of 
attending. With the economy in its current unstable state networking at an 
event like this to broaden one's knowledge base and explore new 
opportunities is particularly valuable.

We invite you to attend for either one or both days. As a non-profit, we 
are keeping prices incredibly reasonable; early bird rate for one day is 
$59 or $108 for two days. (http://shesgeeky.org/sg/register/).  We are also 
committed to supporting women who are unemployed and students attend at 
reduced rates. We invite those doing well to consider contributing some 
money to the scholarship fund.

We have very affordable sponsorship opportunities for both small and large 
companies if you are interested in learning more please contact us at 
info at shesgeeky.org.


They She's Geeky organizing Team

If you are inspired the conference and want to spread the word:
  * In physical paper form
Posters 8.5x11 - http://shesgeeky.org/sg/2009/01/shes-geeky-posters/
Post Cards - http://shesgeeky.org/sg/2009/01/post-cards-about-shes-geeky/

* In digital form here is a link to a some images you are welcome to put 
your blog
Little Rectangle - http://www.kaliyasblogs.net/shesgeeky/SGlittle.jpg
Big Bubble color - http://www.kaliyasblogs.net/shesgeeky/forwebcolor.jpg
Big Bublbe black and white - http://www.kaliyasblogs.net/ 

* We encourage people to blog and tweet about the event with the tag 

   * You can follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Shesgeeky

   * Facebook Group - http://bit.ly/shesgeekyFB
   * LinkedIn Group  - http://bit.ly/shesgeekyLI

On Dec 2, 2008, at 2:45 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:

> Great! Yes, we'd love to be a media sponsor. I've put an
> announcement up on the main linuxchix website with your banner,
> and I'll send out an announcement to our mailing lists later
> this afternoon. And thanks for the discount code and the note
> about student rates -- I'm sure that'll help women who might
> not be able to go otherwise!
> I'll unfortunately be out of the country for the January bay area
> She's Geeky, so I won't be there myself, but I'll pass the word
> around about what a great (un)conference the last one was, and
> I hope a lot of our LinuxChix will make it on both coasts.
> 	...Akkana
> Kaliya Hamlin writes:
>> Hi Akkana,
>> We are at it again - She's Geeky is coming up on the East Coast next
>> week and again on the West Coast in January.   I wanted to know if  
>> you
>> wanted to be Media Sponsors for the conference again?
>> We will likely do mugs again (if we can afford it) for our West Coast
>> event and just have signs in NYC next weekend. We would love to  
>> promote
>> you guys.
>> We have a badge you can put up if you like. http://shesgeeky.org/sg/
>> 2008/11/sidbar-and-pdf-about-shes-geeky/
>> I created a 30% discount code for you guys that you are free to post 
>> on
>> mailing lists etc - "linuxchix"  - there is also a cheaper student  
>> rate
>> and we can scholarship people who approach us about coming if they  
>> can't
>> afford to pay.
>> Let me know if you have any questions,
>> Regards,
>> =Kaliya
>> On Aug 28, 2007, at 7:29 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:
>>> I've talked to some of the other LinuxChix and gotten agreement
>>> that She'sGeeky sounds well worth supporting. We'd be happy to
>>> put up a button or a news item announcing the conference on
>>> LinuxChix.
>>> Let me know if you have some sort of standard badge image you want
>>> people to use, or if I should just write up a short news
>>> announcement about it and link to your site.
>>> I'm still not entirely clear what "you don't have to pay us
>>> anything" means (sorry if I'm being dense here; as I mentioned,
>>> I don't have much experience with the media side of conferences).
>>> Is there a chance of getting a few free admissions? We do have
>>> LinuxChix in the area (I'm one) who would be interested
>>> in attending.
>>> Alternately, do you have any other kind of fee waivers, maybe
>>> for speakers? I'm not working right now, so I probably wouldn't
>>> be able to justify $125 for a conference (and I know at least
>>> one other local LinuxChix woman in the same boat).
>>> 	...Akkana
>>> Kaliya Hamlin writes:
>>>> Yes. This is exactly the kind of group we would love to see be a
>>>> "media sponsor"
>>>>  basically - you don't have to pay us anything.
>>>>  You let your network know about the event - put a badge on your
>>>> site linking to the conference.
>>>>   I think we will put the logo's of the media sponsors (the women's
>>>> groups themselves) on the conference t-shirt (rather then the
>>>> companies who sponsor).
>>>>   Please reply to shesgeeky at gmail.com too.
>>>>   I am leaving town for 10 days and my friends Laurie and Deb are 
>>>> on
>>>> that e-mail.
>>>>   Smiles
>>>> =Kaliya
>>>> On Aug 25, 2007, at 9:09 AM, Akkana Peck wrote:
>>>>> Kaliya * writes:
>>>>>> We have media sponsorships available to women's tech groups with
>>>>>> limited (or
>>>>>> no) budget.
>>>>> What'a a "media sponsorship"?  I'm not sure whether this is
>>>>> something that applies to LinuxChix, or whether it's something
>>>>> we should be applying for.
>>>>> Sorry if it's too basic a question ... I don't go to many
>>>>> conferences
>>>>> (because of cost) and when I have gone it's been as a speaker
>>>>> or individual, so I haven't been involved in the media or
>>>>> organizational aspects.
>>>>> 	...Akkana
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