[Announce] Seattle LinuxChix has been hijacked

Meryll Larkin alwanza at oz.net
Fri Jan 2 02:47:24 UTC 2009

A person calling himself "Bill Cole" or William Cole" has set himself up as
the "Leader" of Seattle LinuxChix at meetup.com

The history is that SeattleLinuxChix has been inactive, but we still have a
Website and I am still one of the contacts.  Augustina is the other contact.
She set up a forwarding at meetup.com and then let it expire. 

I don't know if I should be taking any action on what I received in today's

from williamcole at gmail.com
To: linux-416-announce at meetup.com
Subject:  New Leadership

Dear LinuxChix meetup members,

In order to nurture interest and education in linux and other opensource
technologies I invested $20 to become the meetup group organizer. This is a
one time trial balloon to see if there is any merit to meeting face to face
to answer some questions about linux and to help beginners. I will be
announcing a meetup within the next week or so. Since I am not an expert - I
run a Ubuntu web server using dynamic DNS. If you think you have nothing to
offer, you are probably wrong, but come anyway to benefit from the knowledge
of others. As Ty Tabor wrote "Everybody knows a little bit of something".

Meeting Agenda:

Pre-meeting networking
Introduction to LinuxChix - 2 min
Individual introductions (who and where you are - (name, place, experience
and interest) - 20 to 30 min
Suggestions on future meetups - 15 min
Help and technical questions

So, if you have an interest in linux, stay tuned for our next meetup.


Bill Cole

This message was sent by William Cole (williamacole at gmail.com) from Seattle
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