[Announce] Sydney, Australia: International Women's Day Gaming Hackfest, Sat 14 March

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Thu Feb 19 00:24:39 UTC 2009

Date: 14th March 2008
Time: From 11am
Location: Maroubra, RSVP for street address

In honour of International Women's Day, albeit slightly late, AussieChix
in Sydney are meeting for a gaming hackfest: participants will be
building a small game in the Python programming language. Check out
http://www.pyweek.org/ for small games already built in Python.

What about non-programmers and non-Pythonistas? If you'd prefer to work
in another language go ahead, we're encouraging Python only because of
the toolkits and because many of us know it. If you're a non-programmer,
we want you on hand for design and testing. Really, we do. Have a look
at the previous PyWeek games for an idea of the need for images and
sprites too.

What if I don't have any ideas? We'll grab the source code from some
previous pyweek challenges, so you could modify those rather than build
from scratch.

Equipment needed: you will need a laptop. If you don't have one and want
to come post to the AussieChix list, someone may be up to rustle up a
spare. If you're using Python, you will need that installed, we'll send
out a list of suggested third-party libraries shortly. We strongly
suggest you have them installed and tested before showing up, simply so
as not to lose half the day to installation. Please also bring a plate
of food to share.

Can men come? Since we have limited room, this depends on the number of
attendees. Women will be given preference. Email the RSVP address and
let us know you're interested, we'll get back to you no later than the
7th. (Standard LinuxChix "be polite, be helpful" rules apply to all
guests, and male guests in particular are asked to remember that most
women are coming to code or do some image/level hacking, not to have a
man teach them how to do these things. Wait to be asked for your help.)

RSVP: RSVPs are required, please email rsvp.sydney at au.linuxchix.org


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