[Announce] Sydney, Australia: Chix portrait session, 8 November

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Tue Sep 23 00:45:23 UTC 2008

Sydney Chix want to play around with photography, and we're having an
afternoon where we will take portrait shots of each other. We want this
to be a fun learning experience, where we can practice being
photographer and subjects, and hopefully end up with some nice shots of
ourselves too.

If you're interested in using another medium (eg ink, paint, video) for
portraits and similar things you are also invited to come along and ply
your trade.

** Please note that this event is for women only. **

Location: Centennial Park, Sydney.

Wet weather: we will have alternative plans for bad weather, please RSVP
so we can let you know.

Date: Saturday 8 November 2008

Time: Meet at 1pm at the corner of York and Oxford Streets. (This
location is very near Bondi Junction train station.)

Map: http://xrl.us/orvg6

If you're late we may have moved into the park, so we suggest making
sure you RSVP and have a mobile number to use to find us. The
photography session will begin with a quick intro to portrait
photography techniques, by Alice Boxhall.

 1. picnic food and gear for lunch
 2. a camera you want to use, and spares if you have them and are
    willing to lend them for the day. If you don't have one you can come
    anyway: others will lend you cameras. (You are not required to lend
    equipment, and if you are please make sure you have a good way to
    identify any equipment you bring!)
 3. a large USB stick or memory card so that we can give you copies of
    other people's photos of you.

RSVP: rsvp.sydney at au.linuxchix.org

Rules of play:

We know that portraits are sensitive for some people. We'd like to make
this fun for everyone, which means a couple of special rules for both
photographers and subjects. (If you're using another medium, the
equivalent rules apply.)

 1. No observers. If you come to this event, you must be willing to get
    BOTH behind AND in front of the camera. We know some people dislike
    being photographed, and we hope this is a nice friendly environment you
    can be part of, but if you are not willing to be photographed at all
    please do not come.
 2. Allowing for the no observers rule, photographers: ask participants
    before photographing them and stop photographing participants as soon as
    they ask you to.
 3. All photographers agree to give the subjects a digital copy of all
    the photos that were taken of them, for non-commercial use by the
    subject. (We'll try and sort this out on the day for people who use
 4. Photographers agree that any subsequent publication of the photos
    (including on the web for free) will only happen with the subject's

If anyone wants to waive 2, 3 or 4 by all means let the photographers
know on the day!


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