[Announce] Washington, DC, USA: Two Intrusion Detection Courses, September 2008

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Wed Aug 6 19:07:14 UTC 2008

The Washington DC Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (DC
ACM) proudly presents an opportunity to learn valuable intrusion 
detection skills from a top-notch network security expert through the 
Fall 2008 Professional Development Seminars.

Network attacks are on the rise exponentially.  No matter what happens 
to the economy in the future, intrusion detection skills will continue 
to be in high demand.  These courses will be taught by Mike Shinn of 
Prometheus, an elite consulting group that provides advanced network 
security to government agencies and private sector companies that need 
to protect confidential information and maintain the integrity of their 

The courses will be held at George Washington University in a 
Linux-based computer lab.  Capacity is limited to 30 persons.  The 
instructor can sign for CISSP Continuing Education Program points. 
Details on the courses are provided below.  Registration and payment is 
being conducted on the DC ACM website (http://www.dcacm.org/pd).  Please 
note that the early registration deadlines are August 22 and September 5 

September 12 & 13
In this two-day hands-on seminar, learn the value of network-based
intrusion detection and prevention, and learn how to set up and 
configure snort to detect and prevent attacks.

Audience/Expected Skill Level: System and network engineers who are
comfortable with the Unix command line, are familiar with TCP/IP, and 
have a basic grasp of regular Linux expressions.

* Overview of intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems
* Set up snort-based IDS
* Detect and analyze network-based attacks
* Integrate IDS into your current network topology
See website for more details

September 26 & 27
In this two-day hands-on seminar, which builds on the skills learned in
the Fundamentals class, learn how to deploy intrusion detection systems 
to prevent attacks, focusing on both snort and mod_security.

Audience/Expected Skill Level: System and network engineers with
intermediate to advanced network and systems engineering skills, a good
understanding of regular Linux expressions, and basic intrusion detection

* Enhance intrusion detection by writing custom signatures
* Create negative and positive signatures
* Deploy snort in various modes to prevent attacks in realtime using
iptables, transparent bridging, and inline modes
* Deploy web application firewall mod_security to detect and stop web 
* Develop virtual patches for applications using snort and mod_security
See website for more details


Early Bird Deadline (3 weeks prior)
Regular: $600
DC ACM Member: $570
Student/Senior: $250

Late Registration
Regular: $750
DC ACM Member: $720
Student/Senior: $375

For the full brochure, please use this link:

The DC ACM started offering Professional Development Seminars in 1968.
Traditionally, these seminars have presented high-quality lectures and
hands-on learning on topics of current interest to the local IT 
community for a relatively low cost.  The proceeds go to DC ACM, a 
nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for 
meaningful connections between the Washington DC area’s academics, 
professionals, and policymakers in the computer science and information 
technology fields.

If you have any questions, please email Ben Schultz at registrar at dcacm.org.

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