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Tue Nov 6 03:01:00 UTC 2007

Announcing a new course: Using Postgresql

This course is a course in the use of the database management system, 
Postgresql. Although much less popular than its cousin, MySQL, it is, in 
fact, more robust, more powerful, and often faster. We'll cover 
installation, server administration, command-line client use, as well as 
connections via web and ODBC and other topics.

This course is designed for people who are beginner to medium on 
database management systems, but are fairly comfortable with the command 
line, and feel comfortable installing and configuring software.

Advanced MySQL users who just want to get a feeling for Postgresql are 
welcome, as well, but there are definitely weeks you'll want to skip 
(like the weeks reviewing SQL, for instance.)

The course will start on November 19th, with lessons and exercises 
posted at the beginning of the week.

Subscribe to the courses list to join (topic [Postgresql]) if you aren't 
already on it: http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/courses

Also, there will be a moodle page: 
(The Moodle part is a bit experimental, but the info will be posted there.)

Tentative outline of the course:
First week (November 19)
What is Postgresql, why is it worth using?

Second week (November 26)
Basic installation: package and source, different distributions and 

Third week (December 3)
Using the postgresql client
Basic SQL: creating databases, tables

Fourth Week (December 10)
More SQL

Fifth Week (December 17)
PG's permission system

Sixth Week (January 7)
PG's system tables
PG data types

Seventh Week (January 14)	
Administration: access control, logging, backups, file organization

Eigth week  (January 21)
Getting data into and out of postgresql

Ninth week (January 27)

Tenth week (February 4)
Using Postgresql with web applications:
Perl, php, others
Using PG remotely via ODBC

Eleventh week (February 11)
Triggers and stored procedures

Twelfth week (February 18)
Conclusions and wrap-up

Questions? Respond on courses at linuxchix.org.

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