[Announce] Events at PyCon 2007 (Feb. 23-25, Addison, TX)

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Sat Jan 6 20:36:55 UTC 2007

PyCon 2007 is a conference focusing on the Python programming
language that will be held February 23-25 2007 in Addison, Texas.

The complete list of talks is at <http://us.pycon.org/apps07/talks/>;
some talks that might be of special interest to LinuxChix members:

 * Three keynotes on education: Ivan Krstic on Python's use in the 
   "One Laptop Per Child" project; Adele Goldberg on
   "eLearning does not Belong in Public Schools"; and Robert 
   Lefkowitz on "The Importance of Programming Literacy".
 * Weaving Together Women and IT
 * Becoming an Open Source Developer: Lessons from the Django Project
 * The Absolute Minimum an Open Source Developer Must Know About
   Intellectual Property
 * Studying Internet Censorship: a Python case study
 * Jython for Python Developers
 * Panel discussions on web frameworks, testing tools, and Python development.
 * BoFs on topics such as Jython development.

Andrew M. Kuchling
amk at amk.ca
Co-chair, PyCon 2007

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