[Announce] LinuxChix website re-launch

Mary Gardiner coordinator at linuxchix.org
Wed Apr 25 09:06:02 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

For about the past year, volunteers inside LinuxChix have been working
very hard to bring us a new www.linuxchix.org website, with a new design
and new management features.

The new website launched today! Go check it out at

Thank you very much to the following people for being part of the
website redesign:

--- 2006 prototype in Plone ---

 Original prototype install:
  Jen-Mei Wu and Gloria W

 Original prototype information architecture:
  Chris and Amy

 Original prototype designs:
  Chris, Amy, Terri Oda and Máirín Duffy

--- 2007 prototype and production site in Drupal ---

 Install, administration, custom development:
  Brenda Wallace and Angela Byron

  Brenda Wallace, Angela Byron, Joh Clarke, Valorie Zimmerman, Akkana
  Peck, Katie Bechtold, Michelle Murrain

  Laylaa and Kathryn Hogg


More features are yet to come, in particular a new courses website will
be trialed soon. Keep your eyes out for new developments.

Mary Gardiner
LinuxChix coordinator

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