[Announce] LinuxChix Brazil Meeting - Webcast, teachers and sponsors

Sulamita Garcia sulamita at linuxchix.org.br
Sun Sep 3 17:31:31 UTC 2006

Next September 8th and 9th, the 4th Linuxchix Brazil National Meeting will
take place in Florianópolis, Brazil. The Meeting will be held in the
Barddal Foundation. There is no need to pre-register, and registration
will be on site. The talks will be presented in Portuguese.

The subjects this year cover OpenLDAP, Linux in 64 bits processors,
Python, Academic Management Systems, Modern Graphics Interfaces, Gentoo,
High Availability, FreeBSD, Asterisk, Udev, Kernel for beginners... it
will be 22 talks, 4 mini courses and a Teachers Afternoon.

But for those who can't go to Florianópolis, we made a special
arrangement: by an offering of Solis and InfomediaTV/Terra, we will
transmit in live the main talks. Aside that, we will have a news service,
publishing how is the Meeting going and giving an idea of what is
happening for everybody . To see the webcast, you just need to access the
Linuxchix Brazil website during the event.

Another big surprise this year is an entire schedule dedicated to
professors. In the afternoon of September 9th, teachers are invited to try
Open Source software for themselves and see why it has gotten so much
attention.This activity will be run by people who have experience
inacademic environment, and know the difficulties in getting students'
attention. This course will enable professors to learn how to find tools
and test the software. how to find tools and help, and to test the

To make all this possible, we this year have the support of several
companies and people, and two major sponsors: Caixa Economica Federal and
Microsoft. The Caixa, as a Brazil federal institution, has always been
involved in supporting development projects. And to go ahead with its
"let's talk" movement, Microsoft supports the Meeting, as well will also
be open to talk about their recent actions to cooperate and interoperate
with Open Source community. We invite all attendees to debate with the
representants their ideas and give suggestions.

The National Linuxchix Brazil Meeting is a well known conference, and
always had brought new ideas, for the people which love innovation. The
Meeting was the first conference in Brazil to focus on the theme "from
those who make to those who make", looking not just maintain the technical
subject, but also encouraging and searching themes that are more in depth.
That way, aside from seeing the basic issues and concepts, we try to offer
the details, the best practices and extra resource, besides giving
hands-on experience in the mini courses.

For four years now, the National LInuxchix Brazil Meeting promotes the
technical improvement of the community and encourage women to join the
open source world. Every year,the number of female speakers and attendees
has increased, doubling each year. In the conference average, they jump
from less then 5% to more then 15% of the people. We hope the
catarinenses(people from Santa Catarina, the host state for this year
conference) make a record and show up!

More informations at http://www.linuxchix.org.br/

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