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Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Thu Mar 30 11:19:06 EST 2006

Please note: all directly relevant discussion will take place on the
actionchix list:

Thanks very much to Chris for the basis of this announcement.

--- linuxchix.org website redesign ---

We're asking interested parties to help us redesign linuxchix.org's

=== Rationale ===

The current linuxchix.org website design dates from our beginnings in
1999. We're both ready for a new look and would like to improve to
usability of the site, in particular the accessibility for visually
impaired users. We'd also like to move to better web practices:
semantically correct HTML.

=== Requirements of new designs ===

A design that meets web standards [1], including checkpoint 2 WCAG [2],
has consistent and meaningful navigability [3], and is pleasant to view.

[1] http://www.w3.org/ 
[2] http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/full-checklist.html
[3] http://user-experience.org/uefiles/navstress/ 

=== Rules ===

 - Designs must be either: 
   - a Plone skin product OR
   - HTML mockups, based on the elements in the current live site, for
     example containing samples of:
       1. a home page
       2. FAQ page http://www.linuxchix.org/content/docs/faqs/
       3. lists page http://www.linuxchix.org/content/docs/listinfo.html
       4. feeds page http://live.linuxchix.org/
       5. user page http://www.linuxchix.org/content/chix/deb
 - Designs should have a consistent masthead, footer and navigation.
 - Designs must include all CSS, scripting and images required to
   support the design
 - Designs must be XHTML standards-compliant subject to the following
      - CSS layouts only
      - You may add any CSS browser hacks required.
 - If you have the Plone knowledge, you may suggest additional products
   (e.g. http://plone.org/products) that will support your design.

Designs may be entered:
 - by individuals
 - by groups

Designs need not be solely your own work, but if they are based on the
work of others, the other designs must be explicitly acknowledged in
your entry and they must have been available for modification under a
suitable licence.

Your entry MAY be based on other entries to the competition. This is
subject to the condition above, that is, the other entries must be
explicitly acknowledged as part of your entry and will in fact be
considered as part of your entry. (There's no prize other than
recognition, so we don't have a concern about splitting the prize,
shared recognition is easy.)

You are welcome to ask for help on the actionchix list. Help may take
any form, such as feedback on your design, adding images, checking
correctness, checking accessibility. Your entry should acknowledge all
help received by name.

=== Resources ===

Please see
for instructions on downloading a copy of the linuxchix.org website.

=== Use of logos ===

LinuxChix is currently without a fixed logo. Logos are being produced by
LinuxChix members and there are some existing logos you can choose from.

The logo you choose will be considered part of your design and it will
be used in the evaluation. It's not a deal breaker though: the ability
to replace the logo may also be an advantage.

As many logos as I've been able to get hold of are listed at

You are welcome to alter, or ask someone to alter, a logo to suit your
design, provided that the copyright owner of the logo permits it.

=== Evaluation Criteria ===

 - Strength of information architecture (navigability)
 - Beauty of design
 - Showcases current web dev practise
 - Degree of accessibility
 - Effectiveness in degrading to older browsers

Public input will be sought into the evaluation, the final decision will
be made by me.

=== Submitting Your Entry ===

 - Make it web-accessible
 - Email actionchix at linuxchix.org with a pointer to the web copy of
   your design
 - design assets must be be accompanied by an appropriate license at
   minimum a perpetual license to use and adapt your design and code.
   Such a licence MUST NOT exclude commercial use.
   We would prefer Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution-Sharealike:
 - Closing date: Sunday May 7 2006
 - A design will be adopted by Sunday May 19 2006, in consultation with
   redesign team and sysadmin. Adopted designs will become the basis
   for the LinuxChix default design. 
 - The final default design may be a compendium of submitted designs
 - Participants will receive mention in a site colophon

You are encouraged to submit as early as possible, so that designers can
view each other's designs and people testing for accessibility and so on
have a chance to give you feedback. You may resubmit as many times as
you like based on this feedback.


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