[Announce] Need volunteers to help redesign and move linuxchix.org

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Sun Mar 12 13:30:50 EST 2006

Dear all,

In the next little while, linuxchix.org is moving to dedicated hosting.
Around this time, we'd also like to accomplish two things:

 1. move the site into a new CMS system so that we can manage the site
    more easily
 2. redesign the site's look and feel in HTML and CSS

We are seeking interested people to help with this move. While we'd
appreciate comment from interested people, we'd *particularly*
appreciate people who are able to do part of the work, that is, people
who can or are willing to learn how to:

 - do attractive web design
 - do standards compliant web design
 - do accessible (for people without normal sight in particular) web
 - set up a website so that it can be easily translated into other
 - translate websites
 - take content that doesn't have all of these features and re-jig it
 - set up a CMS so that it can be used by multiple people (perhaps even
   multiple domains) easily
 - programmatically move content into a new CMS

This work will take place on the actionchix list, which you can
subscribe to at http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/actionchix
Since many interested people will not be subscribed yet, we will wait
until WEDNESDAY MARCH 15 to begin further discussion with a summary of
what's already taken place on the volunteers list. If you are at all
interested in helping out, please join actionchix!


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