[Announce] Linuxchix-BR Panel in FISL in live

Sulamita Garcia sulamita at linuxchix.org.br
Wed Apr 19 05:33:09 EST 2006


I would like to announce the Panel "Howto encourage women to CONTRIBUTE in
FOSS world", to be broadcast in live from
http://infomediatv.terra.com.br/fisl/ website. The session will happens
next 20th, at 19hs GMT-3. We made arrangements to have english translation
for the internet, and would be very nice to have your thoughts and
opinions. Here's the abstract:

There is a lot of discussion about the women involvement in IT and in FOSS
community. Actual articles and studies show new facts about this, as the
research telling about the time that computer science raise the number of
students and created this huge gap, and the consequences of it. But in
some places, as India, Malaysia and (in a minor scale) Brasil, there is
more equality in this. Brasil has become some kind of reference of women
involved in FOSS. We want to transform this involvement in actual code,
even with all situation that cause few brazilian developers and
contributors, men or women: the language barrier, lack of quality
education and access to technology, and focus in politics or philosophy
instead training and qualification. Despite of that, we believe we can
contribute more. How can we encourage more women to contribute in FOSS
world? We going to talk about actions, attitude, initiatives and what had
transformed lurkers in involvers, and how to transform involvers in
developers and contributors.

"A little less conversation, a little more action please"
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