[Announce] Software Freedom Day: Debian Women events (10th and 11th September)

Hanna M. Wallach hmw26 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 9 13:14:54 EST 2005

Hi everyone, 

As you may already know, this Saturday (10th September) is Software
Freedom Day (http://www.softwarefreedomday.org). Software Freedom Day
is a global, grassroots effort to promote the use of free and open
source software. As part of this, the Debian Women project
(http://women.alioth.debian.org) will be holding several events this
weekend. The events are open to everyone and are aimed at all levels
of experience -- I hope some of you will participate!

And now... *drum roll*  the events:

1. Helen Faulkner will be running a #debian-women-new channel on
   irc.oftc.net to welcome people new to Debian, free software, IRC,
   etc. If you'd like to find out more about Debian Women or Debian in
   general, do stop by the channel and say hi. More details here:

2. I will be coordinating a Debian bug-squashing party (BSP), in order
   to to encourage people who haven't previously attended a Debian BSP
   to get involved. If you've never participated in one, this is a
   great time to start -- there will be lots of people around to
   answer questions, and plenty of bugs for all levels of of
   experience, skills and time commitment. Coordination will happen in
   the #debian-bugs IRC channel on irc.oftc.net. More details here:

3. Erinn Clark will be organizing a Debian Women technical help day in
   #debian-women (our normal channel) on irc.oftc.net. This is
   intended for people who have Debian-related technical questions
   for which they'd like an answer. Questions may be user or developer
   questions; anything related to Debian is welcome. Erinn will also
   have Debian infrastructure set up on her own server for anyone who
   wishes to practice uploading packages or learn more about Debian's
   buildds and bug tracking system. More details here:

Please do come to some (or all!) of the events, and if you have
friends who might be interested, bring 'em along too! It'll be fun!


hanna m. wallach

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