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Please could you post, disseminate or advertise these conference details
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Marie and Karenza 
The WINIT Team
The WINIT International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender,
Technology and the ICT Workplace
Information Systems Institute (ISI), University of Salford, Greater
Manchester, UK
Tuesday 21st March 2006
Further details on the conference website:
Call for Papers 

The under-representation of female ICT workers remains a source of
frustration for all concerned with gender issues in relation to
contemporary workplaces, and in relation to ‘new' technologies. The male
dominance (in both statistical and symbolic terms) of ICT workplaces
continues to have immediate and wider consequences. In immediate terms,
those few women who do enter the ICT workplace may have to contend with
direct and indirect discrimination, issues of gender identity and
isolation (Richardson et al 2005), working patterns which impact
unfairly on women (Kodz et al 2002, Platman and Taylor 2004), and
barriers to career progression (Liff and Ward 2001). Despite many
initiatives over the last thirty years, women are still not entering the
ICT industry in significant numbers. Even fewer have managed to reach
the higher echelons of the profession. Indeed female ICT professionals
are leaving the industry in disproportionate numbers (IBM 2003). In a
wider sense, the fact that women have practically no voice in the
creation of the major technological innovations currently being
interweaved into our lives must be to the detriment of the industry, to
society as a whole (Selby and Young 1997) and to women themselves
(Faulkner 2004). 

To continue and extend dialogue on these concerns, the Women in
Information Technology (WINIT) team present a one day international and
interdisciplinary conference based at the University of Salford, UK.
Papers are invited from academics and practitioners looking at the
under-representation of women in the ICT industry, including structural
and cultural issues, the characteristics of ICT workplaces though a
gender lens, and gender/ICT relations. PhD students and early-stage
researchers are welcome. Papers may be either long (up to 7000 words, 20
minutes presentation) or short (up to 3000 words, 10 minutes
presentation). Lively discussions/debates will be encouraged throughout
the day. Papers are encouraged, but not restricted to, the following

•  Gender & ICT workplace cultures 

•  Gender & ICT working practices (flexible working, work-life balance,
mentoring etc) 

•  Gendered identity/subjectivity in relation to ICT/ICT workplace 

•  Gender & ICT: Narratives, accounts and stories 

•  Gender & technology relations 

•  Comparative/‘global' studies of gender & ICT 

•  The ICT workplace: gender & best practices 

•  Feminist epistemologies & methodologies 

•  Gender & ICT: the future? 



Marie Griffiths

The WINIT International and Interdisciplinary Conference on 
Gender, Technology and the ICT Workplace
Tuesday 21st March 2006

Institute of InformationSystems

Room 502

Maxwell Building

University of Salford

M5 4WT

0161 295 4237


Web Site: http://www.isi.salford.ac.uk/gris/winit/index.html

Can you help!! If you are a woman in IT could you  please complete our
questionnaire, just click on the link below.








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