[Announce] DC LinuxChix and PhillyChix Meeting in Philadelphia

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at princessleia.com
Thu Nov 17 05:41:44 EST 2005

DC Chix and PhillyChix Meeting in Philadelphia

The DC LinuxChix (http://www.katie-and-rob.org/dc-linuxchix/) and
PhillyChix (http://www.princessleia.com/phillychix/) are having a meetup
this weekend!

 Date: Sunday, November 20th

 Time: Noon.

 Location: Meeting at National Constitution Center
(http://www.constitutioncenter.org/), going various other places
following this.

We'll meet at the center, then grab some lunch. There are several museums
in the area, so the afternoon will probably be spent visiting one or two.

Any Chix in the area are welcome to join us. If you plan on coming I ask
that you contact me so we can swap cellphone numbers to be sure we are
able to connect with everyone who plans on coming.

If you live in the DC area, you might want to contact Katie Bechtold
(katie at hoteldetective.org) of the DC Chix as well, since she's working out
a carpool.

I hope to see some new faces there.


Elizabeth A. Krumbach // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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