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Here is a special offer for you to share with your group members. Please
pass it along through your newsletters, email lists, or distribute at
your next meeting.

***Give the Gift of MAKE Magazine***

Give the geek on your list a truly unique gift this holiday season--
their very own subscription to MAKE magazine. MAKE is the first magazine
devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration. Each
rich issue brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in
your life. 

You have a choice:

Give a gift for $5 off the regular gift subscription rate--$29.95 (US),
$34.95 (Canada), $44.95 (all other countries):


To place your gift order at the regular price $34.95 (US), $39.95 (Canada),
$49.95 (all other countries)--and get a MAKE T-shirt free.

For more information on MAKE or to read the MAKE Blog, go to:


**Please note gift postcards and MAKE vol 4 will begin mailing on
12/9/05, orders received after 12/9/05 and non-US orders may not arrive
in time for the holiday season. Your recipient(s) will receive the
opportunity to add digital access to their subscription. All MAKE
T-shirts will ship to your billing address. To order multiple orders for
multiple countries, please contact customer service at 1-866-289-8847
(US & Canada),  1-818-487-2037 (all other countries) between the hours
of 5am to  5pm San Francisco time or Email: MAKE at espcomp.com

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season,

Marsee Henon

1005 Gravenstein Highway North  
Sebastopol, CA   95472
http://ug.oreilly.com/  http://www.oreilly.com
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