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Jacqueline McNally jacqueline-linuxchix at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Sat May 28 10:12:27 EST 2005

Forwarded from another list for those that can make it to Austria. As 
always, looks like a great event.


* This is a tech event for women only. *

                ***   /Eclectic Tech Carnival           ***
                ***   http://eclectictechcarnival.org   ***
                ***   July 11th - July 15th, 2005       ***
                ***   Graz, Austria                     ***
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Calling all women to participate in the 4th annual /Eclectic Tech
Carnival (/etc for short) at the ESC Cultural Centre in Graz. A unique
computer skill-share. A five day-night carnival of exchanging computer 
related skills for women by women.

Our theme this year is Networking both physically and technically; with
Translocal Communication tools from open source chatting and blogging
software to building secure local area networks for organising both
locally and globally.

Program Topics for  this year:
1. Free & Open Source Software - the concept, plus examples for all
operating systems.
2. Linux installation (ubuntu, debian) and Live CD distro Dynebolic.
3. Web Development - text editors, HTML, CSS and web-based content
management systems.
4. Chat and Communication Software - IRC, jabber, Gnome Meeting, silc.
5. PC Hardware - building a computer; no one will take the screwdriver
out of your hand in this workshop.
6. Networking and Security Issues.
7. Special Topics and Performances - Loom Weaving, Ethnoblogging,
Streaming Sound and Video, using Puredata, Keyworx and Upstage for net
8. Some local recreational excursion - we can't always be sitting at
the computers.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about computers and how tech stuff
works? Never dared to open your best friend's computer? Ever started
repairing your bicycle but was stopped by a gentleman's helping hand?
Always wanted to know more about Free and Open Source Software? Want to
meet other women who love playing with bits and bytes, hardware and

Then the /etc is for you!

We only use Free and Open Source software. Software that you can use
and improve because the code is not kept secret.

It will be okay to break things and to ask questions.
No one will tell you to RTFM (Read The F-ing Manual).
It will exhilarate and exhaust.
There will be communication barriers, but we intend to challenge them.

The /etc is organised by volunteers from Austria, Spain, Italy, the
Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Serbia-Monte Negro,
Slovenia, Germany, Brazil. Practically, English will be the default
language of the event but please don't let this keep you from joining
us! For courses we will try other languages.

The location is not yet prepared for wheel-chairs, but we are willing
to give assistance. Child-care assistance will be provided.


Bring sleeping gear with you; meals will be arranged collectively at
the time.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs in terms of
diet and childcare, but you must tell us in advance (on registration
form). Please fill-out the registration form with as much detail as

There is a small conference fee. Donations towards further costs are,
of course, always welcome!!

For information requests, email us at: info at eclectictechcarnival.org

We hope to hear from you soon and to see you there.

The /etc development team.
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