[Announce] Perl course starting

Dan Richter dan at cellectivity.com
Wed Mar 30 18:31:54 EST 2005

Have you heard of Perl and want to know more about it? Then join the
LinuxChix Perl course, which will be starting shortly.

The course has been entirely rewritten to use your time more
efficiently. Each lesson should take less than fifteen
minutes to read, and the first one or two exercises should take
another ten minutes or so to complete.

The course is structured to allow you to choose your time commitment.
If you put in more time, you'll get more out of it. If you don't have
much time, that's okay, you'll still get the basics.

The course assumes that you know as least one other programming
language. If you've never programmed before, please don't start with
Perl. However, you don't need much programming experience: if you
can write a loop in some language then you should be all right.

To join the Perl course, you must first be subscribed to the Courses
Once you're subscribed, login and scroll down to topic categories.
Make sure that Perl is checked OR that everything is unchecked.

  [Larry] Wall [inventor of Perl] believes that people think about
  things in different ways, that natural languages accommodate many
  mindsets, and that programming languages should too.
    - Jon Udell, in his essay, "A Perl Hacker in the Land of Python"

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