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The below annoucement was posted on the Apache Derby mailing list
(http://db.apache.org/derby/) and I thought that this might be of
interest to other Chix chapters 
<snipped by Jenn>


The Apache Software Foundation is looking to start a new mailing list 
for women!

The goal of the women at apache.org mailing list is to foster greater 
participation by women in the ASF community.  The list provides a 
supportive, encouraging forum to help women become more involved in ASF 
projects.  The list is open to all genders - you might be a woman who 
wants to become more involved or you might be someone who would just 
like to help create a welcoming environment.  Subscriptions are 
moderated, but public archives are available.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to 
women-subscribe at apache.org, with a brief sentence or two describing who 
you are.
LinuxChix Coordinator <jenn at linuxchix.org>

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