[Announce] Gender & IT International Conference, Cadiz, 6 Sept 04

Karen Neal kneal at wessex.ac.uk
Wed Mar 10 17:50:12 EST 2004

GENDER & IT 2004 - 6 – 8 September 2004, Cadiz, Spain

Dear List Members

I am pleased to provide details of the International Conference on
Gender and Gender Research in the Information Society.  The
conference aims to present the latest scientific contributions to the
controversial debate on the possible influence of gender or gender
roles in information technology based behaviour. Over the past 40
years, understanding of this complex area has progressed due to both
controlled scientific studies and detailed surveys of real world
attitudes and behaviour. This conference allows researchers to present
and discuss the latest evidence and results.

This conference will be of interest not only to researchers in the area
of gender and information communications technology (ICT) but also
to the wider audience of designers, educators and managers who wish
to be aware and responsive to the issues of gender in the modern
workplace. This conference will bring together researchers from
around the world and from a wide variety of disciplines and
perspectives to provide the most comprehensive review and
discussion of gender and technology.

This conference is being organised by the Wessex Institute of
Technology, UK, The University of Bergen, Norway and The
University of Cádiz, Spain.  Further information including conference
objectives, topics and submission requirements is available at:

Alternatively contact the Conference Secretariat: Katie Banham:
Email: kbanham at wessex.ac.uk  Tel: 44 (0) 238 029 3223
Karen Neal
Conference Marketing Manager
Wessex Institute
Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst
Southampton SO40 7AA, UK

Email: kneal at wessex.ac.uk
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