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LinuxChix Coordinator jenn at linuxchix.org
Thu Jul 1 22:25:05 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 10:52, marsee at oreilly.com wrote:
> Dear User Group Leader:
> O'Reilly is pulling together a new book called "Microsoft Access
> Annoyances" and, once again, we'd like your help! As you might guess,
> "Access Annoyances" ponders the problems, snarls, quirks, bugs, and just
> dumb things about Access that drive users nuts. The annoyances will
> encompass a range of topics: the Access interface, entering data, queries,
> reporting hassles, VBA, moving data to and from Excel and SQL databases,
> data tables, expressions, macros, deployment, security--well, you get the
> idea.
> If any members of your group use Access--be they newbies or Access
> masters--and they have annoyances they'd like to see solved, have them
> email marsee at oreilly.com with "Access Annoyances" in the subject line.
> Just have them note what version of Access and Windows they're using.
> As always, thanks for sharing. We'll make sure to get copies of "Access
> Annoyances" sent to your group shortly after publication.
> --Marsee
> ***
> An example:
> Long Lines In Small Places
> THE ANNOYANCE: I'm trying to type a long expression into a tiny text box,
> which is about as much fun as trying to watch a movie with a couple of
> basketball players seated in front of you. How the heck do you keep track
> of what you're typing when you can only see two or three words at a time?
> THE FIX: One of Access' handier features is the zoom box. Hit <Shift F2>,
> and Access opens a big, empty text area for editing a long line of text.
> You can use this trick just about anywhere you see a text box: in the
> query design grid, in property sheets, in a table design window or
> datasheet. For that matter, your users can benefit from this trick,
> too--it works on form fields as well. Highly recommended.
> [TIP: You'll notice that the zoom box closes when you hit <Enter>. If for
> some reason, you absolutely need a line break in what you're typing, use
> <Ctrl-Enter> instead.]
> ***
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