[Announce] Ottawa Linux Symposium Call for Papers

Val Henson val at nmt.edu
Thu Jan 15 16:26:42 EST 2004

The 2004 Ottawa Linux Symposium Call for Papers is available:


I strongly encourage all LinuxChix to think about submitting a
proposal (one paragraph describing the paper you would like to write
and present) by March 15th (final paper due May 15th).  If you do so,
you'll be helping the OLS conference, LinuxChix, and Linux.

Never written a paper before?  OLS is a great place to start - it's
where I published my first paper.  OLS is more informal and wider
ranging than most conferences.  Topics range from improving Oracle
performance on Linux to the current status of GNOME to a write-up of
how you configured and used Linux to do a particular task.  Check out
last year's papers for examples:


You don't have to write a paper alone, and even if you do, you don't
necessarily have to present it, either.  Collaboration is the norm
both in open source and in writing and presenting papers.

If you are even slightly interested in submitting a paper to OLS,
please contact me, Val Henson <val at nmt.edu>.  I can vet your idea,
help find collaborators, edit, and explain.

About OLS: Ottawa Linux Symposium is the most important technically
oriented Linux conference still running.  Attendance includes several
hundred Linux kernel developers.  It is held in friendly, beautiful
downtown Ottawa and includes several sponsored parties at local pubs,
as well as many more informal meetings.  It is a great opportunity to
meet other LinuxChix and make new friends.  If I had to summarize OLS
in one word, it would be "FUN!"


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