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Tue Feb 17 07:17:06 EST 2004

Nominations Now Accepted For Anita Borg Award

Anita Borg Award for Technical Leadership recognizes a woman
technologist for inspiration to the women's technology
community through her outstanding technological and social

The award recognizes and honors the great passion with which
Anita Borg lived and shared her life with us all. She
excelled in technology development, was vocally passionate
about technology, the technology community and inspired many
women to bring their own passion to the field. Through her
leadership, she should have increased the impact of women on
and in technology.

In a world that she saw as rapidly using technology across
all borders and human boundaries, Anita Borg spoke out on
behalf of a large, underrepresented segment of the world's
population - women. She believed emphatically that women's
lives must benefit from technology. Anita Borg stressed that
women's voices, representing multiple approaches and
priorities, are essential and that where women define the
benefits, technology is developed for the good as well as
for profit. Throughout her life, she worked to make her
vision of relevant, valuable technology become the norm.
This award was created to honor those who fulfill her

The award recognizes outstanding women technical leaders.
Leaders cover new ground and change the world in some way;
this award recognizes the leadership that has increased
women's impact, representation, and effectiveness in the
technology arena. The criteria for leadership changes as the
world changes, the leadership contribution needs to be
evaluated in the context of the time frame of the

This award identifies achievements by an individual or team
who has increased the positive impact of technology on the
lives of women.

-- Impact will be measured by the degree and type of social
change, amount of women's increased empowerment through the
technology or increased influence over technology.

-- The award recipient may have developed the technology,
motivated social change and empowerment through that
technology, or increased women's influence over and
decision-making about technology.

The Anita Borg Institute for Woman and Technology will
present this award at each Grace Hopper Conference. The
first award will be presented at the 2004 Grace Hopper
Celebration, Oct 6-9, 2004 in Chicago, IL. In addition, the
award recipient will receive a cash grant of $10,000.

The deadline for submission of nominations is March 1, 2004.
Submissions must be made electronically. Questions may be
addressed to, Kathy Richardson (kathyr at anitaborg.org), Chair
of the Anita Borg Technical Leadership Award Committee or to
the Chair of the Anita Borg Social Impact Award Committee,
Ellen Lapham (elapham at aimhigh1.com). Nomination finalists
will be selected, and nominators will be responsible for
insuring that the awards committee receives reference
letters for the nominee (details sent to finalist nominators

Submit nominations to socialimpactaward at anitaborg.org by
March 31, 2004.

Required Nomination Materials:

-- Title of nominated achievement

-- Name of nominee(s)

-- Brief summary (maximum of 700 words)

-- Statement of merit (3-5 pages) - Must include short bio
of person(s) responsible and address the following issues:
Describe the impact and how it was measured. Was the action
taken with respect to a specific situation? What motivated
the nominee to take action?

-- Letters of recommendation (maximum of 3 letters)

-- Nominator's name, e-mail address, phone number and
relationship to nominee

Please send all nomination information in a single e-mail
message if your mailer supports attachments. Include names
and contact information in the e- mail message and attach
the statement of Merit and Resume/Vitae to the message. If
you are unable to send attachments, send the Statement of
merit and the Resume/Vitae as separate messages.

Submit nominations to: ABTechNominations at anitaborg.org

All nomination submissions are due: March 1, 2004. No

Finalists selected/notified by: March 21, 2004

Reference letters for finalists due: May 1, 2004

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