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Subject: offer for review copies/author interviews re: new Linux/Open Source Books
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 16:58:30 EDT
From: Heather Fox

Please find below a line-item list of the latest Linux/Open Source-related
books published by Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall PTR. If you've already
requested a review copy of any one of these, it is en route to you. If you
can't recall, don't hesitate to confirm your request with me.  Also, authors of
all the below books are available for interviews, or perhaps, contributed
articles for your publication.

!!Special Bonus News!!
SAFARI AFFILIATE PROGRAM (Please see below for a complete transcript of
the press release)


IT-Level Books:
1) "Succeeding with Open Source", authored by Bernard Golden
(1-Line Summary): This is the first book written specifically for IT managers
who need to evaluate, select, and use open-source software.

2) "Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law",
authored by Larry Rosen
(1-Line Summary): Open Source Initiative general counsel Lawrence Rosen
presents a plain-English guide to open source law for developers, managers,
users, and lawyers.

More Technical Books:

3) "A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux, Second Edition: Fedora Core & Red Hat
Enterprise Linux", authored by Mark Sobell
(1-Line Summary): This book explains Linux clearly and effectively--with a
focus on the most important features, including system security, Internet
server setup, and sharing files and printers with Windows systems. (Includes
the complete Fedora Core operating system on a set of 4 CD-ROMs).

4) "The Design & Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System", authored
by Kirk McKusick/George Neville-Neil
(1-Line Summary): Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil deliver the most
comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative technical information on the
internal structure of open source FreeBSD.

5) "Open Source Security Tools: A Practical Guide to Security Applications",
authored by Tony Howlett
(1-Line Summary): Written with the harried IT manager in mind, Open-Source
Security Tools is a practical, hands-on introduction to open-source security

July 28, 2004, Boston, MA  Safari® Books Online, LLC, a joint venture
between industry-leading technology publishers O'Reilly Media, Inc. and The
Pearson Technology Group, a division of Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO), announced
the introduction of the Safari Affiliate Program. Free to affiliates, the Safari
Affiliate Program enables anyone with a Web site to add content from the
thousands of technical and business books in the Safari e-reference libraries
onto their site. In addition to providing Safari content, affiliates can earn a
stipend from their visitors who click thru and subscribe to Safari.

The Safari Affiliate Program, available at safari.informit.com/affiliates and
safari.oreilly.com/affiliates, can accommodate both users looking for a quick
way to start earning referral fees and developers who can utilize the powerful
API calls to access Safari content. For those looking for simple plug-and-play
solutions, the program's QuickLinks automatically embed the affiliate's
information into banners and buttons provided, so all that's required from the
affiliate is a quick cut and paste to their site. Similarly, pre-programmed
SafariBoxes let affiliates easily display Safari search results on topics that 
into their site.

"Although we worked hard to make the site accessible to users at all
technical levels, we're particularly excited about opening up the API to
developers," explains Sean Devine, managing director of Safari Books
Online. "Sites that serve as resources for developers have already expressed
considerable interest in integrating content from books in the Safari e-
reference libraries as an additional resource for their visitors."

These site developers, who are comfortable rolling up their sleeves to more
fully harness the power of Safari's content, can dig into the Safari Affiliate
Program's detailed Web Services instructions and implementation examples
that show how to pull it all together.

Even in advance of the official launch, the Safari API has been picked up by
key developer sites looking to make content from Safari's more than 2,500
technology books readily accessible through their sites.  One such company is
Cignex Technologies, Inc., which used the Safari XML API set to create a
plug-in that will allow Eclipse users to search the Safari e-reference library
within the Eclipse environment.  That means a developer who is working on a
J2EE project and is interested in searching information related to "Threading"
in Java can type in the keywords in the Safari search window and execute a
search on the Safari library without leaving the IDE. The developer can
browse through the search results and also drill down into a particular search
result to view more details. Once convinced that he/she has identified the
right information, he/she can navigate to the Safari portal to access the
premium content.

"Part of the Eclipse success as one of the fastest growing Integrated
Development Environments (IDE) is the comprehensiveness of the tools made
available to the developer within the platform" said Rajesh Setty, chief
executive officer of Cignex Technologies. "With the Safari search plug-in a
developer can launch a search across the thousands of leading technical
books in the Safari library while still inside the Eclipse environment  a great
time-saver for a developer looking for a quick answer."

The Eclipse example is just one of a number of implementation examples
provided on the Safari Affiliate Program Web site. Other integration scenarios
provided include displaying search results by keyword, adding chapter
previews to book reviews, and improving affiliate productivity by integrating
Safari searches into their browsers. In addition to serving as inspiration, each
example comes complete with details of what the integration would take to

About Safari® Books Online
Safari® Books Online is a joint venture between the industry's leading
technical publishers, O'Reilly Media, Inc., and The Pearson Technology Group.
Safari's flagship service, Safari® Tech Books Online, is the premier electronic
reference library for programming and IT departments. Unlike an online
bookstore, Safari is a fully searchable database of the electronic versions of
books from O'Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson's many imprints: Addison-Wesley
Professional, Adobe Press, Cisco Press, Macromedia Press, New Riders,
Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall PTR, Sun Microsystems Press, Que, and Sams. A
growing number of titles from other publishers such as Microsoft Press and
Thomson South-Western are also available. Safari's portfolio includes four
additional electronic reference libraries: Safari Bookshelf for the individual
technologist, Safari® HelpDesk Online for enterprise knowledge workers,
Safari® Business Books Online for business professionals and the Safari®
Enterprise Library. For more information about Safari® Books Online, visit

About Cignex
Cignex Technologies is an innovative technology solutions company. Cignex,
through its web applications division, helps companies across the world to get
better returns on their web technology investments.  Cignex helps its clients
in defining a roadmap for their web initiatives with a focus on increasing
revenues, decreasing costs and/or enhancing competitive advantage through
the web. Open source technologies are used as implementation vehicles
wherever applicable. Cignex is privately held and has been profitable since its
inception. More information is available at www.cignex.com.

Lynn Little OF Safari Books Online (617) 848-7028
lynn.little at safarijv.com

Heather Fox, Publicist & User Group Liaison for Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall
PTR/ IBM Press
(phone) 201.236.7139; heather.fox at pearsoned.com
www.awprofessional.com; www.phptr.com
Geographic Location:
c/o Pearson Education, 1 Lake St., #3K17, Upper Saddle River, NJ  07458

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