[Announce] New section: LinuxChix authors

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Mon May 26 15:20:17 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

LinuxChix contains a lot of Chix who write short stories, novels,
articles, HOWTOs, guides...

We already have pages linking to articles about LinuxChix:


and about individual Chix:


and now we have a page linking to writing *by* Chix:


If you've got some writing that you want us to link to, please email
lcx.inthenews at linuxchix.org with the link. Your writing does NOT need to
have been "officially published" in order to be linked.

Also, if you've published work that is not available online, send us
details of how people can get hold of it (publication details, places to
send our stamped envelopes, links to book sellers, whatever) and we'll
describe it on the page.


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