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Hi all

In January 2004 the annual Linuxconf is being held in Adelaide and I had
the brilliant idea of having a Linuxchix mini-conference. A mini
conference is held before the main conference it goes for up to 2 days
and is open for registration to those who are also registered for the
main conference. The dates for the mini conferences are likely to be
Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th January. We're still getting our website up
and running but this years website is available at
http://conf.linux.org.au and this will tell you what these conferences
are like.

Anyone who is interested, wants more information, or would like to
present a paper please contact me off list. I'm not subscribed to all of
the lists so I can't see all of your comments, if you want to talk on
list I don't know whether it'd be on topic or not. I am subscribed to
grrltalk at linuxchix.org 

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. We need about 40
attendees to make this work.

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