[Announce] LinuxChix policy: whitelist us :)

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Thu Aug 7 12:46:38 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

Some of our subscribers seem to be using whitelist based spam filtering
software (only senders on a "whitelist" of known non-spammers can send
mail to that person). Unfortunately, some of these filters send mails to
the LinuxChix list admins (or worse -- to every poster!) with a
challenge message along the lines of "please reply to this mail in order
to be whitelisted" or "please reply and quote the first line of Hamlet's
third solioquy to be whitelisted" etc.

LinuxChix volunteers agreed that if you subscribe to LinuxChix lists,
then it is your responsibility to whitelist LinuxChix mails. There are
lots of headers you could use to do this. The admins will not reply to
any "please jump through these hoops to be whitelisted" mails.  Such
messages will be treated as bounces, and if we get enough of them, we
will unsubscribe you, like any other bouncing address.

If people post to a list, and get "you must be whitelisted" mails from
another subscriber, you might want to forward those mails to
LISTNAME-owner at linuxchix.org

If you have any questions about this mail, please direct followups to
grrltalk at linuxchix.org


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