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Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Apr 22 13:54:28 EST 2003

G'day folks,

If you're not in Melbourne or Sydney or you don't wish to learn Perl
please ignore this email.

Perl Training Australia is about to run some public courses, and since
we're telling everyone else about these, I thought I should let you
all know as well.  Since I really like all of the LinuxChix members we've
decided to offer an additional[1] discount of $20 per person per course
(approximately 5%) to those people who mention LinuxChix when making their

If you book before the early bird discount dates (see below) you will get
a further discount of $40 per person.  (Please note that the early bird
discount for the Introduction to Perl course in Melbourne expires Friday
week - on the 2nd of May.)  We are happy to receive cash, money orders and
cheques.  Full tax invoices will be provided. 

[1] (We're making this offer to LUV members and Perl Mongers members, too.
This additional discount is applicable once only, so mentioning Perl
Mongers, LUV and LinuxChix will still only give you an extra $20 off.)

Further information is below:

        Perl Training Australia - Welcome to Perl Courses

Perl Training Australia will be running public courses on the following

Introduction to Perl	-  	Friday 23rd May 2003 	- Melbourne
Intermediate Perl	-	Friday  6th June 2003	- Melbourne

Introduction to Perl	- 	Friday 27th June 2003	- Sydney (*)
Intermediate Perl	-	Friday 11th July 2003	- Sydney (*)
(* subject to confirmation)

Courses start at 9:00am and finish at 5:00pm.  There will be breaks for
morning and afternoon teas as well as a 60 minute break for lunch.  Lunch
will be provided.

The Melbourne courses will be held in the 
	ITC Laboratories
	The University of Melbourne,
	800 Swanston Street,

The venue for the Sydney courses has not yet been determined.

Perl Training Australia believes that the best way to teach Perl is to
allow participants to experiment with each new concept as it's being
taught.  As a result these are hands-on courses, with participants using
workstations provided to complete a number of programming exercises throughout
the day.

Each course participant will receive the following on the day:
	* Bound course notes
	* Floppy disk of exercises and answers for later reference
	* Certificate of course completion.

Course costs are $440 per person, per course (including GST).  A early bird 
discount of $40 per person applies if payment is received on or before the 
following dates:
	- Introduction to Perl - Melbourne - Friday  2nd May.
	- Intermediate Perl    - Melbourne - Friday 16th May.
	- Introduction to Perl - Sydney    - Friday  6th June.
	- Intermediate Perl    - Sydney    - Friday 20th June.
A further discount of $20 per person applies to bookings of 3 or more people.

To register your interest in any of these courses please visit our booking
page at

Please note that places will be limited and bookings are on a first-come
first-served basis.   Perl Training Australia will be running further
courses in both Melbourne and Sydney over the coming months, so please feel
free to register your interest if you cannot make these dates.

All the best,

	Jacinta Richardson

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