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For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area ... If anyone wants to
go, drop me a line and maybe we can go together.


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Susan Schilling -- a pioneer in using computers to transform our mostly
medieval education system -- will speak about her latest
paradigm-shifting beta test in Napa, California. 

That’s at Gracenet, next Tuesday, Sept. 17, when we meet from 6:30 to
9:00 p.m. at the Zeum, 4th and Howard Streets, in San Francisco. If you
get there after 6, there’s plenty of free street parking, or you can
park for a few bucks at the Mission St. Garage on 5th and Mission.
There’s easy access to BART and buses; and if you need a ride home, just
ask at the meeting and we’ll hook you up with someone headed your way.
Zeum, by the way, is a nonprofit center for creativity for kids and
families, and if you’ve never been there, you’ll get a free look at some
of the wonderful toys and exhibits before the meeting starts.

Susan Schilling heads a relatively new but revolutionary project
sponsored by the New Technology Foundation: a New Technology High
School, in Napa, with a computer for every student and a project-based
learning philosophy, designed to prepare students to excel in an
information-based, technologically advanced society. Schilling was
working as senior VP for MECC -- one of the first educational software
developers -- when George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, convinced her to
become general manager for Lucas Learning. At Lucas, she oversaw
development of several educational games, which all incorporated the
Star Wars motif – a condition that Lucas imposed on the product
development line. She began her career in educational software in 1976
at Control Data Corporation, a pioneer in the use of technology to
address societal needs.

We’ll also share news and insights into the high-tech job market,
particularly as it affects women. If you’d like to pitch your services,
or announce job openings, you’re more than welcome. 

It’s $15 for a great meal by Cindy Six, who always offers a vegetarian
alternative, plus wine, or $5 for just the meeting. We welcome all women
in high tech or peripheral fields, and if you have daughters (or
mothers), please bring them along. And if you’re traveling this month,
check out www.gracenet.net for news about meetings at our Los Angeles,
Palo Alto, and Phoenix chapters.

RSVP by September 15 to whoisylvia at aol.com, and I look forward to seeing
you there.


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