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Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, October 15

O'Reilly User Group Program
October 15, 2002

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Highlights This Week:
Book News
-DNS & BIND Cookbook
-Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0
-Mac OS X for Unix Geeks
-Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 3rd Edition
-JXTA in a Nutshell
Upcoming Events
-An Evening with Peter Morville in Silicon Valley
-Why Human Rights Requires Free Software
-Powering Up Your Home-Brewed Computer
-O'Reilly Beta Chapters Are Back!
-An Introduction to VoIP and VOCAL
-Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter
-A Review of Komodo
-Introducing Mutation Events
-Printing from XML: An Introduction to XSL-FO
-Google Needs People
-Self-Playing Media with Java Media Framework
-An Introduction to iMovie

Book News

Review books are available--please email [lcx.books at linuxchix.org] for a copy. 
   If you need your books by a certain date, please allow at least four weeks 
for shipping.  Send or email me copies of your newsletters and book reviews.

Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.

Press releases are available on our press page:

***DNS & BIND Cookbook
Order Number: 4109
The "DNS & BIND Cookbook" presents solutions to the many problems faced
by network administrators responsible for a name server. This title is
an indispensable companion to "DNS & BIND, 4th Edition," the definitive
guide to the critical task of name server administration. The cookbook
contains dozens of code recipes showing solutions to everyday problems,
ranging from simple questions, like, "How do I get BIND?" to more
advanced topics like providing name service for IPv6 addresses.

Chapter 2, "Zone Data," is available online:

[hmmmmmm... people who deal with networks might want to look at this. - ljl]

***Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0
Order Number: 3897
We've updated this best selling product with the electronic versions of
7 popular Perl books. Included are the second edition of "Perl in a
Nutshell" (paperback version), the third editions of "Learning Perl"
and "Programming Perl," the "Perl Cookbook," and 3 new titles: "Perl &
XML," "Perl & LWP," and "Mastering Perl/Tk." Formatted in HTML, The
"Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0," can be accessed with any web browser
and includes a master index for the entire library.

[Boingy, boingy!  The dead tree copy of "Perl in a Nutshell" that is
in it is a fantastic reference.  The CD is 63Mb, so you can burn it to a 
miniCD and leave your original at home where it won't get damaged.  The 
license is the one user at a time per license, but does not restrict copies 
made for transport. - ljl]

***Mac OS X for Unix Geeks
Order Number: 3560
If you're one of the many Unix developers drawn to Mac OS X for its BSD
core, you'll find yourself in surprisingly unfamiliar territory. Even
if you're an experienced Mac user, Mac OS X is unlike earlier Macs, and
it's radically different from the Unix you've used before, too. "Mac
OS X for Unix Geeks" was written by two Unix geeks who found themselves
in the same place you are. Their new book is your guide to figuring out
the BSD Unix system and Mac-specific components that are making your
life difficult and to help ease you into the Unix inside Mac OS X.

Chapter 3, "Directory Services," is available online:

[This might be of interest to BSD Chix too - ljl]

***Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 3rd Edition
Order Number: 3811
Nearly a quarter-million PL/SQL programmers--novices and experienced
developers alike--have found the first and second editions of "Oracle
PL/SQL Programming" to be indispensable references to this powerful
language. Packed with examples and recommendations, this book has
helped everyone, from Oracle Forms developers to database
administrators, make the most of PL/SQL.

Chapter 10, "Dates and Timestamps," is available online:

[I'm gonna have to get this one, if only to strongarm my roomie into reviewing 
it... ;) - ljl]

***JXTA in a Nutshell
Order Number: 236X
O'Reilly's pioneering reference is the first and last word on this
powerful distributed computing technology. "JXTA in a Nutshell"
delivers all the information you need to get started, including an
overview of P2P distributed computing, an explanation of the JXTA
Project's new platform, and ways that developers can become a part of
the development effort.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jxtaian/

Chapter 2, "Getting Started with JXTA," is available online:

Upcoming Events
***An Evening with Peter Morville in Silicon Valley
Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 7:00 pm
Peter Morville, coauthor of "Information Architecture for the World
Wide Web, 2nd Ed.," will be speaking on "Information Architecture and
Strategy." Presented by The Web Content, eBusiness Perspectives, and
Technical Development SIGs of the Silicon Valley WebGuild and the
Usability SIG of the Society for Technical Communications, Silicon
Valley Chapter.

For location and information, please see:

For more events, please see:

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***Why Human Rights Requires Free Software
Human rights workers should be universally feted and supported.
Instead, however, they are chronically underfunded, goaded to justify
every detail of their work, and threatened with dire harm. For these
reasons, human rights work requires free software.

***Powering Up Your Home-Brewed Computer
How to construct and debug computers you've designed.

***O'Reilly Beta Chapters Are Back!
Visit our Beta Chapters site for a preview of upcoming books.

***An Introduction to VoIP and VOCAL
A look at how Voice over Internet Protocol applications work and the
architecture behind VOCAL, by the authors of "Practical VoIP Using
VOCAL." http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2002/10/11/voip.html

Practical VoIP Using VOCAL
Order Number: 0782

Open Source
***Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter
Will the availability of attractive and feature-packed game engines
attract mod communities to Linux? Howard Wen thinks so. This article
introduces Cube 3-D, a simple, elegant, and free first-person shooter
engine.  http://linux.oreillynet.com/pub/a/linux/2002/10/10/cube3d.html

***A Review of Komodo
Simon Cozens takes a look at ActiveState's latest Komodo release,
Komodo 2.0. Will this version of the Perl IDE finally convince the
hardened emacs and vi users to switch over?

***Introducing Mutation Events
In his latest exploration of SVG, Antoine Quint introduces DOM Mutation
Events as a way to integrate custom components more fully.

***Printing from XML: An Introduction to XSL-FO
Dave Pawson provides a simple introduction to creating printable page
layouts with W3C XSL Formatting Objects.

Dave is the author of "XSL-FO."
Order Number: 3552

Web Development
***Google Needs People
Peter Morville talks about the recent stir Google created when it
launched Google News, a service Google claims was generated without
human editors.

Peter is a coauthor of "Information Architecture for the World Wide
Web, 2nd Edition."
Order Number: 0359

***Self-Playing Media with Java Media Framework
The Java Media Framework may not impress you as a media player client,
but when you realize that you can deploy content without requiring a
specific player on the user's machine, and that you can bundle the
player and the media in a single download, it starts to look very

***An Introduction to iMovie
OK, maybe it's not movies of your kids, that thing you deeply,
desperately want to turn into little QuickTime movies and post on your
web site or pass around on CDs. Maybe it's river rafting, or a groovy
hippie wedding, or even those scenes from a bachelor party that warrant
very limited distribution. There's probably something you want to
capture and pass around in neat, two- to five-minute video packages.
For me, it's the kids, and for the amateur moviemaker, there's no
better application than iMovie on Mac OS X.

For more on iMovie, read " iMovie 2: The Missing Manual."
Order Number: 1045

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