[Announce] Meeting in San Francisco, Monday, July 15, 2002, 6 p.m.

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Sun Jul 14 13:39:51 EST 2002

Kathryn Hogg is visiting San Francisco and has some idle time in the 
evening, so we thought we'd have a little get together.  Women can bring 
up to one male guest so that we keep the ratio at least half women.

The meeting place is Golden Era at 6 p.m.:

572 O'Farrell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1932
Phone: (415) 673-3136
Cross Streets: Leavenworth and Jones

Here's a URL for a review of the place:


Hope to see a bunch of y'all tomorrow!

If anyone gets lost, you can call my cell phone (415) 601-7972.


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