[Announce][Linuxchix-announce] LinuxChix move: LinuxChix downtime today/tomorrow.

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Mon Dec 9 09:37:21 EST 2002

This is an all-LinuxChix announcement. This mail will be sent to every public LinuxChix lists.

All-LinuxChix announcements will only be made about things like server downtime and other things affecting all list members.

Hi everyone,

Dancer announced server downtime on IRC.

The LinuxChix server is moving to a new location sometime today or
tomorrow, and some web and email downtime is expected.

If you don't get LinuxChix mail today or tomorrow, and don't see your
messages getting through, please be patient. Don't resend or send test
messages : mail will get through when the server comes back up.

This also means the LinuxChix IRC server will be down (it's normally
irc.linuxchix.org). Backup IRC will be on irc.foogirl.de

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