[announce] Well, here I am!

Samuel Lavenz johngalt at io.com
Wed Sep 27 12:02:44 EST 2000

Well, it's not my first post, but here's my introduction.

I suspect that a detailed analysis of my post to techtalk would reveal
quite a bit about my character.  I'm outgoing, logical, and I like to
educate.  For socionics (Myers-Briggs) buffs, my MBTI is ENTP.  This is
actually a very apt description of me.

Now, who am I?  I'm Sam Lavenz, that's who!  I'm 18, and my birthday is a
convenience store (July eleventh...).  I love to learn.  Knowledge simply
turns me on.  I have an liberal arts AA that had a few CS courses thrown
in so it could be said to have an "emphasis in Computer Science."  It's a
liberal arts degree.  How could you do that? you ask.  I started college
(at a community college, go community college!) when I was 12.  I
continued to go alongside high school, and graduated shortly after I
graduate HS.  

Last year I was a junior at Colorado State U in the physics program.  I
dropped out.  I'm a college dropout, yay!  I moved to Denver, and am now a
"Software Development Engineer [Intern]" (Intern is an optional suffix to
my title...I do everything the other engineers do).  I am also going to a
great school called CollegeAmerica Denver.  I'm using them to build my
skillset.  Great school, go school!  

I also am a martial artist.  I spent five years studying Tang Soo Do, and
two years studying Kempo Karate-Do.  I like to play with swords and sticks
and ropes and chains and knives...oops, there went my grammar.  I'm a
writer, hopefully some day I'll be published!  I'm a teacher, oh I love
teaching, but only to people who want to actually learn.  I'm a
fiance...go being in love!  But most of all, I'm a person.  I'm a Sam

I'm verbose, yes, I'm verbose.  Have you noticed that yet?  I bet you
have! ::grin:: 

Oh...this is a Linux list...hmm.  I should mention more about my Linux
background!  I've been using *NIX for...geez...(it seems long to me, give
me a break, I'm a youngin')...a long time.  Six years.  I started with
Digital Unix (OSF/1) and learned basic shell stuff there.  Then two years
ago I took a UNIX sysadmin class.  Our text book was Que's Using Linux
special edition (VERY GOOD BOOK!!).  This came with RedHat 5.1.  At the
time I had a crappy computer that ran DOS/WIN3.11.  I figured that I would
lose absolutely nothing by fdisking and installing Linux.  As it turned
out, I gained so much.  I fell in love with it, and I have been running it
ever since.

I know a lot, and there is a lot I don't know.  I used to be able to hack
C++ fairly well...I suspect I could again after a bit of time to
refresh.  I'm currently learning how to hack Perl.  I like Perl.  Perl
makes me happy.

I suppose that's a good introduction for now...questions, comments?  Send
'em my way!


	               Sam Lavenz -- KC0BUH
		          johngalt at io.com

     "I recognize no obligations toward men except one: to respect their
              freedom and to take no part in a slave society"
                   -- Ayn Rand -- _The Fountainhead_ --

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