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Janet Nabring jnabring at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 06:45:14 EST 2000

Kudos to deb for her hard work!
(and deb, you NEVER need to apologize, not when you
have a list that long!!)
--- deb <deb at hub.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's probably become obvious that I don't keep up on
> my Linuxchix mail as
> often as I should, and for that I apologize.  My
> only excuse is that I'm
> usually hip-deep in other things, including:
> 1.  building a brand new Linuxchix site
> 2.  wrestling with PHP
> 3.  work (as usual)
> 4.  a couple of other projects (OSWG, dria.org,
> another brand new secret
> project that will be done in a couple of months,
> etc.)
> 5.  spending a lot of time at the dentist (hoorah)
> 6.  actually trying to relax a bit (as some of you
> know, I burned out a
> while back and have just recently started to get
> back into the swing of
> things)
> 7.  playing far more Baldur's Gate II than is
> probably healthy ;>
> Anyhow, all excuses aside, I have been working on
> the new site, and it's
> coming along quite nicely now.  When it's unveiled
> it will include the
> following features:
> 1.  user accounts
> 2.  personal weblogs (a la advogato.org)
> 3.  profile pages that you can create and update
> without any intervention
> on my part
> 4.  chapter pages that you can create and update
> without any intervention
> on my part
> 5.  a slashdot-esque news and announcement posting
> system (no comment
> system, however -- that's what the mailing lists are
> for)
> 6.  a wikiwikiweb for random sharing of information
> (ie: FAQs and such)
> and so forth...
> At this point, parts 1, 3, 4, and 5 are mostly done,
> 2 has to be
> implemented, and 6 is simply a matter of dropping in
> phpwiki (with a bit
> of customization thrown in so it matches the rest of
> the site.  
> There are plans for even more and better features in
> the future (book
> reviews, software reviews, etc), but those will come
> in time.
> I'm hoping to have an alpha-testable version of the
> site available
> sometime in the near future, but I'm not exactly
> sure when that will
> be.  Sooner rather than later, at this point, which
> is a nice change
> :)  I've been promising a new site for a long time
> now, I know, but I
> wanted to pop in to assure you that I am actively
> working on it.
> When the new site goes live we will also be moving
> linuxchix.org to a new
> server.  This new server is a co-located machine
> hosted at
> rackspace.com.  It's not free (by any means), and
> I'm currently paying the
> costs out of my own pocket.  If you would like to
> help defray those costs
> at all, I've created a Linuxchix.org Collectible Mug
> series over here:
> http://www.cafepress.com/linuxchix/
> For each mug purchased I get a small profit (about
> $2.50 after I sock away
> the taxman's share), which I will use to help pay
> for the server and
> bandwidth fees.
> If you have any suggestions/ideas for the new site
> (and/or for different
> mug designs :), please send them to me at
> deb at linuxchix.org.  I'm terrible
> at responding to mail, but I do read everything that
> is sent to me
> directly (that isn't obviously spam :).  
> In particular, I would like to know what you think
> is good about Linuxchix
> as it currently exists, and what you think is bad or
> needs 
> improvement.  The more feedback/ideas I get, the
> better...many of you are
> more active in this community than I have been
> lately, and I'd really like
> to know what you think of it all.
> Thanks a million for your patience and support. 
> I'll post more news when
> it's available (especially when I need people to
> alphatest the new site
> :)  Finally, a heartfelt apology to everyone who has
> emailed me but has
> never received a response.  I really do feel
> terrible about it, but if I
> responded to all the mail I got in a day, I'd never
> manage to get anything
> else done.  
> - deb
> --- Deb Richardson (aka: dria) ---
> deb at dria.org
> http://www.dria.org
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