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Lucile Fievet lucile.fievet at alcove.fr
Tue May 23 11:26:24 EST 2000

On Mon, 22 May 2000, wirren wrote:

> Just another message to follow the one I put in tech-talk... If there is
> anyone out there who has a job using linux, please give me an email...
> I'd like to talk to you about doing an interview for linux.com!

Hello Melanie,

I'm a french Open Source Engineer, witch means I work on gnu-linux, 
mostly debian, and all my developpemnt are on gpl licence :)).

I'm working in alcove, a french socity of "services" doing consulting
assistance and developpement for bigger entreprise such as IBM or
Carrefour ... etc All aplications we promote or do are free and mostly

I'm the only girl of the technical staff, but it I now the technical
director is looking despertly for more girls, I hope there will be one
more quite soon.. :)

best regards,


> thanks,
> Melanie
> (I can also be reached through wirren at linxux.com)
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