[announce] new Linuxchix list "volunteers"

Deb Richardson deb at hub.org
Tue May 23 00:54:49 EST 2000

Hi all...

Earlier today I sent out a "call for volunteers" (to grrltalk and
announce, I forgot to include techtalk) asking for people to help with
the LinuxChix website and mailing list maintenance tasks.  A fair number
of people have already contacted me about wanting to help.  Rather than
me trying to coordinate this with everyone individually, I've instead
created a new mailing list where we can talk about what needs doing
(suggestions are always welcome), and who might want to do which bit :)

So, if you're interested, I encourage you to subscribe to the
(thanks to my good friend Bryce) "volunteers" mailing list.  Go to the
following page:


Click the "volunteers" link and follow the instructions for
subscribing.  Further discussion about this stuff will take place

- deb :)

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